Workshop Plan

This full-day workshop will take place Sunday May 5, 2019  as part of the annual ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Pre-workshop.Prior to the workshop, selected participants will be assigned into discussion groups to read and give feedback on each other’s work. Each accepted paper will receive detailed comments from at least two other authors.

Workshop Structure.Participants will work together in self-organized groups to create artifacts that illustrate how HCI research and design can be used for nefarious purposes. Super-villain costumes, though welcomed, will not be required for participation.

Morning Session 1:
Following a brief welcome from the organizers and self-introductions from attendees, an icebreaker game will engage participants in a brainstorming exercise. The ice-breaker game will involve doing several quick, back-to-back rapid ideation procedures. Using a speculation-based game similar to Stuart Candy’s “The Thing from the Future,” we will ask participants to describe technologies that fit into open-ended descriptors. Then, we will provide a catalog of technologies that are in development today (e.g., personalized information feeds, eye tracking, VR/AR, drones, and “autonomous” weapons) and ask what the worst outcomes of these developments may hold.

Finally we will do a clustering exercise, pooling the ideas together by similar themes, and analyze the clusters with a participatory exercise that identifies the good, the bad, and the opportunities or change available in the found clusters. 

Morning Session 2: Peer Feedback
Participants will divide into pre-assigned groups, based on the domains and/or methods of their workshop papers, to give and receive feedback on their submissions, discuss common ideas or areas of departure.

Working Lunch
Over lunch, participants will self-organize into groups based on morning activities and discussion to begin brainstorming their collaboration.

Afternoon Session 1: Group collaboration
Following lunch, workshop attendees will continue working in groups on collaborative development their projects. Workshop organizers will guide teams through a series of activities aimed at the creation of new design fictions, scenarios, artistic works or performances, research proposals, or other artifacts that envision negative uses of technology.

Afternoon Session 2: Presentation
During the final session of the day, groups will give brief presentation of their projects for feedback and discussion of all participants. In addition, organizers will facilitate a brief closing discussion around follow-up activities and feedback on the workshop design.

Post-Workshop Plans
Following the workshop, a summary of the day’s activities and will be posted on the workshop website along with participants’ paper submissions and artifacts from the collaborative activity.
Workshop organizers will also invite participants to contribute in the collaborative development of a teaching resource and vision paper. These activities will be discussed in the closing session of the day.